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3,500 Architects & Engineers

Demand New Investigation of the Explosive World Trade Center Destruction

The first Architect & Engineer for 9/11 Truth was in 2006 – Richard Gage, AIA himself! Then it was ALL 14 architects at the firm Akol & Yoshi in Walnut Creek, CA who heard the presentation in their conference room and who agreed that all 3 World Trade Center Towers had come down due to explosive controlled demolition. They were convinced by the evidence. “If only I can get the architects & engineers in front of the evidence!” I quickly realized. And it worked.

After dozens of presentations to building professionals, and the public, throughout the country and several international tours, we reached the auspicious number in 2010, of 1,000 architects & engineers demanding a new investigation. We held our largest press conference ever in San Francisco – a very important event for us.

We invited every major news organization and local elected representatives. And then we kept speaking and doing radio interviews and writing and touring and making films–all of which reached thousands more architects & engineers – and tens of millions of Americans.

The results are easily demonstrated. In fact you can now see and download the list of 3,500 architects & engineers demanding a new investigation! [1]


This list is maintained over at AE911Truth.org [2] which Richard is now independent of and no longer speak for. The new organization is of course RichardGage911. While AE911Truth is primarily missioned toward reaching the engineering community, RichardGage911 is more capably focused on reaching the public on the whole.