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40-foot Deep Cavities Under WTC 4: Thermite, Nukes, or Ancient Geology?

My Guest is Lawrence Fine of 9/11 Synthesis – with Bill Brandon Geologist At-large

What are these deep holes in the bedrock underneath World Trade Center Building 4?

Are the geologist reports correct that call them Pleistocene (Ice Age) Plunge Pools and Potholes?

Are these spheroid cavities 12,000+ years old? or are they only 20 years old?

Why were they discovered post 9/11 but not before?

How did they get under  WTC 4?

My guest on “RichardGage911:Unleashed!” is 9/11 Researcher Lawrence Fine, the creator of 9/11 Synthesis [2]. In 2019 he fell headlong into the seemingly bottomless pit—deep in the WTC bedrock. And he’s been trying ever since to pull me in also.  I have to admit that it is a fascinating mystery and so I’m going to pull you down into it with us tonight.

Geologists Cheryl Moss at Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers and Charles Merguerian at Hofstra University point to large basins with “waterslides” that were scoured out and filled with densely packed clay and silt on top of rounded polished boulders. The cause of this phenomena according to these engineers? Water erosion with whirlpools during an Ice-age melt.


But Lawrence suspects extreme heat as the cause of the erosion of the bedrock and that they were formed on 9/11! He notes that the basins were not shown on the pre-9/11 geological survey – only on the post-geological survey.

Pre-9/11 Geological Survey                           Post-9/11 Geological Survey

Was there some extreme heat event then on 9/11 which caused the erosion? If so, then why would the erosion be under WTC4—which was not destroyed like WTC 1, 2 & 7.

Let’s explore this mystery deeper on RichardGage911:Unleashed!

Lawrence Fine joined the Air Force as an aircraft B-52 ground crew mechanic. He then applied himself at various machine shops becoming a machine maintenance technician for Honeywell.

He then designed and constructed World-Class recording studios with Michael Blackmer. Music is a passion for Lawrence and he plays multiple instruments – writing and performing music in several bands.   

He then worked as the Senior Exhibit Maintenance Technician at the Boston Museum of Science; then as consultant & designer for a magical techno-imagination company called TechnoFrolics; then on his own as consultant, designer, fabricator of precision protypes; and now… he’s tinkering with designs for his rocket stoves; and… of course, 9/11 Synthesis and the deep basins of the World Trade Center.