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9/11 and Cancer: The Greatest Cover-ups in American History? [Video edited/repaired]

My Guest is John A. Richardson, President of Richardson Nutritional Center – provider of Vitamin B17

There is probably no greater scam perpetrated upon the American people than the disease and the industry of cancer—with the possible exception of 9/11, and now the current disease that is going around along with it’s dangerous cure.

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My Guest today, at 1PM Pacific, Tuesday 4/12/22, is the son of respected pioneer of nutritional health and alternative treatment, Dr. John A. Richardson, who wrote the book Laetrile Case Histories – the Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience [3].


John Jr. is a senior accounting and financial management executive with over 30 years’ experience.

He carries on the legacy of his father, who used Laetrile very successfully in his medical practice. His work is showcased in several books including – “A World Without Cancer—The Story of Vitamin B17,” authored by his good friend, the world renowned researcher G. Edward Griffin.


John and his team at RNC are fully devoted to providing the best quality California Grown Apricot Seeds and B17 Products.  RNC and its brand Nutriseed are currently the #1 source in the world for California Apricot Seeds. The company embodies the legacy of both John A. Richardson, MD and G Edward Griffin.

He has been eating Apricot Seeds since he was 5 years old. He will never get cancer. He has devoted the past two decades of his life marketing those Apricot Seeds and associated products.

John’s mission in life is “to get B17 back into every body”.

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