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9/11 Anthrax: Attacks & Response with Vaccine Expert Meryl Nass, MD

The official narrative about the 9/11 events did not include Anthrax – at all. Why then were Bush, Cheney, & staff put on Cipro – the antibiotic for treatment of anthrax on 9/11?

What are the problems with the Anthrax letters official narrative?

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Why was the secret biological warfare drill “Tripod II” (simulating an anthrax attack with hundreds of city, state, and federal officials in New York City) starting almost simultaneously with attacks of 9/11? Was it merely a coincidence that the drill easily morphed into the official Emergency Operations Center for the 9/11 attacks on Pier 92?

Why was there an uncannily accurate, scripted table top exercise (Dark Winter – June 2001) preceding the anthrax letter attacks – as well as the same (Event 201 – October 2019) preceding the Pandemic?

Are the October 2001 Anthrax Letters attack, and the 2021 Covid Pandemic different phases of the same overall Deep State project?

What was the stated purpose of Event 201 (simulated corona virus pandemic) 3 months before the actual outbreak?

Is it a mere a coincidence that the Covid-19 outbreak occurred just prior to the Military World Games and the Chinese New Year holidays?

What is the most likely origin of Covid-19? Migration from bats? or engineered in the lab with gain of function research?

Where did the flu go during the last 2 years?

How were the Covid “case” and “death” numbers derived?

Did hospitals receive financial incentives for inflating Covid case or death numbers?

What has been the effectiveness of masks? Lockdowns?

What is the effectiveness and safety of the mandated experimental gene therapy that has been termed “vaccines”?

How did the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization for Covid treatment affect the safety of Americans?

Why was there an unprecedented attack on doctors’ medical practice who sought treatments other than prescribed from the CDC? How was Dr Nass impacted? 

What are some of the conflicts of interest of the principal Covid players Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci?

My Guest on Richard Gage911UNLEASHED is Dr. Meryl Nass – an internist in Maine with over 4 decades of clinical practice. She has been an instrumental figure around vaccine safety and the analysis of endemics and bioterrorism. Prior to 9/11 she had already been publicly speaking out against the anthrax vaccine in terms of its questionable efficacy and obvious danger to those who received it. She was asked to present at Senate hearings in the aftermath of the anthrax scare following 9/11. 

Meryl is an integral part of RFK Jr organization Children’s Health Defense, sitting on its scientific advisory board. She is intimately familiar with the vaccine and medical product regulatory process as well as the characters on the FDA and CDC advisory committees.

She is an Epidemic and Anthrax Expert with a national reputation in anthrax, and consulted for the World Bank affiliate Inter-American Development Bank (2001) and the Director of National Intelligence’s Summer Hard Problem Program (2008) among others; identified Zimbabwe’s 1978 anthrax epidemic as an episode of biological warfare (1992); after accurately diagnosing the cause, she consulted for Cuba’s Ministry of Health on its optic and peripheral neuropathy epidemic (1993); She created a methodology for determining the cause of suspect epidemics (1992); she wrote about how to better manage the Ebola epidemic (2014); she wrote a summary of the Zika epidemic for a US federal agency (2016)

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