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9/11 Survivor & Plane Witness Tells All; Injured by an explosion on 9/11/01, Ricki DeSantis is now going Unleashed!

He was there! And he witnessed the plane that hit the South Tower—right over his head, as he was entering the building. In fact he was inside both Towers after the planes hit them!

Let’s ask him why he in the world was entering the un-hit South Tower after the North Tower was already hit!

What exactly did he see up there?!

How did he survive the explosions that blew him back from the face of the South Tower across the plaza deck?


How did he capture his incredible photos that day that he will be sharing with you on this exclusive podcast?

Ricki Desantis captured these explosions with a disposable camera!

How did he have the presence of mind to capture these amazing photos—after being injured in the explosion?

Ricki is my guest on RichardGage911Unleashed!, Join in as he takes us on his harrowing journey that fateful day—witnessing yet more damning evidence against the official narrative!

Ricki photos reveal isolated explosive ejections from the face of the WTC Tower.

He worked for the US Treasury for 7 years. He was no stranger to the financial district of Manhattan and its World Trade Center, having traversed its incredible spaces every day for 10 years.

He had over 15 years’ experience with Boards and Committees, in executive management as CFO and Transitioning CEO positions.

Mr. DeSantis is still currently dealing with severe debilitating injuries as well as health issues related to that day from the Toxic Fumes and Materials from the World Trade Center Complex on 09/11/2001.

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