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“A Noble Lie” Filmmaker Exposes 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing as False-Flag – 6 Years Before 9/11

My guest is Holland Van den Nieuwenhof – the writer and producer of “A Noble Lie” – the first full-length documentary proving the official story of the Murrah Building bombing as myth.



He is the relentless truth warrior that reveals the precursor psychological operation to 9/11.

Why was there overwhelming evidence of foreknowledge of the 1995 Murrah Building bombing among federal officials – yet no one stopped the deadly attack which killed 168?

Why were there 2 separate blasts, 10 seconds apart – heard by witnesses and recorded at the nearby seismic station – yet officials maintain that only one blast occurred?

Why were there repeated public announcements of additional undetonated bombs found in the building, yet officials later denied them.


Why was the 10 foot round crater under the Ryder truck far off-center from the damage pattern of the building?

If the Ryder truck was parked in front of the building, why was so much of the building debris blown past the truck, into the street, and into the fa├žade of the building across the street?


Why was the Clinton and other key prosecutorial legal evidence moved into the Murrah building before the attack?

Why was there legislation, similar to the Patriot Act, ready to go right after the bombing?

My guest is Holland Van den Nieuwenhof, a native of Oklahoma who formerly served in the US Marine Corps as a rifle squad leader. His broadcasting career started in 2007 as a co-host on Radio Free Oklahoma, and later as co-host on the Free Mind Report. Holland is also the writer and producer for A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995, the first full-length documentary examining the Oklahoma City bombing in the light of new and suppressed evidence that proves the official story as a Deep State lie. He join us to shed light on questions long ignored and censored about the Oklahoma City Bombing.