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About Richard Gage… 15 Years of Presentations

Richard Gage, AIA has spoken around the world in 24 foreign countries

Gage has delivered his live “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” [1] multimedia presentation more than 600 times in dozens of foreign countries and 110 American cities to audiences ranging from 100 to 4,000. Audiences worldwide are waking up to what really happened on 9/11. They experience shock, confusion, and anger.

Nation of Islam Summit, Detroit, MI, before the “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” presentation drew thousands of attendees.

700 attended in 20019 at the Te Papa Museum auditorium, Wellington, New Zealand.

Gage usually asks these 3 questions of folks before the presentation:

  1. How many of you pretty much agree with the official story put out by our government and the media—that the Twin Towers were brought down by the planes and resulting fires?
  2. How many of you are unsure about what brought down the towers?
  3. How many of you have already reviewed some of this evidence and concluded that controlled demolition brought the towers down?

A show of hands at the end of the AE911Truth presentations reveals overwhelming support for a new investigation.

How many of in Auckland, New Zealand agree that a new investigation is needed?

We’ve found through a show of hands that, typically, there is a majority of attendees who arrive having already pre-formed conclusions based on the explosive evidence. But we do get about 30% of guests and newcomers who arrive in an “unsure” state, and up to 25% or more who acknowledge an agreement with the official story.  But this is all before seeing the evidence. Something rather magical happens during the presentation.

Some say that he ducks behind stage and emerges a different person, with superpowers… but Gage was soon to be humbled, beyond imagination.

First of all, they get to see World Trade Center Building 7 “collapsing” for the first time, along with the hard evidence of its controlled demolition. Most all of these attendees didn’t even know about its collapse before they walked in the door. Reports of “shock” are not uncommon.

Richard Gage Presents…

Gage’s international presentations have “woken up” several million people to the reality of the control to which they had been subjected to all these years by the Powers that Shouldn’t Be.

After seeing the hard evidence of all three controlled demolitions we usually get about 98% agreement from the audience that a new investigation is needed—and often 100%.  These numbers are recorded in the table of presentations below from the earlier years of AE911Truth when these records were  kept – thanks to the fastidious programming of Bill Donally:

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Gage has also engaged in a series of debates with folks like Hollywood explosives expert Ron Craig [2]; arms industry explosives physicist Dave Thomas, a faculty member of New Mexico Tech – which performs explosive engineering for the military; and a professor of physics at UC Berkeley, Dr. Richard Muller [3]

In this debate with Chris Mohr in Boulder, CO Gage simply stayed on course highlighting the points of evidence as Mohr took pot shots not realizing that many of his points had been abandoned by NIST themselves years ago.

Richard Gage Debates…

Volunteers from all across the country show up at A&E conferences to help us bring the evidence one-on-one about the destruction of the 3 World Trade Center Skyscrapers. Architects are stunned to learn that a third skyscraper was brought down on that day.

Gage has hosted evidence booths at dozens of architectural and engineering conferences to educate the profession!

Gage has toured Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Japan – finding everywhere similar results from audiences who, after seeing the evidence that their government and media failed to show them, demand a new unimpeachable investigation.

Bewildered, confused, irritated, and even angry attendees in The Netherlands contemplate the truth of the explosive demolition of the WTC Towers.

The awakening is global. When people see the evidence, they are convinced. Then they confront something deep inside of themselves that resists it. If they survive that internal catharsis, then they generally emerge energized and ready for action.  There is an active 9/11 Truth group in every major metropolitan area. Sydney Australia is no exception.

All over the world 9/11 Truth groups sprouted up before and after Gage came to their part of the world – all working together to wake up their fellow citizens about the crime of the century.

Richard Gage…600 Speaking Engagements: