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About Richard Gage… 4 Years of In-Depth Webinars

More than 100 live-streamed webinars have flooded YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In with the explosive World Trade Center

Gage began providing weekly webinars 5 years ago when the American Institute of Architects 90,000 members approved the AE911Truth set of WTC-evidence courses for continuing education credits. Titled “9/11: An Architect’s guide” with three parts:

The weekly webinars have reached tens of thousands – with a total of five hours of technical content – designed for the lay person.

The courses included a test at the end of each of the three parts. The AIA has since revoked the approval suggesting that their missions were not compatible.  Gage has however, continued to provide the weekly live-streamed webinars non stop to this day on YouTube. Tens of thousands of people have seen the webinars.