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About Richard Gage… Dozens of TV Interviews

Gage had never been in a public interview before 2006, much less the spotlight of TV.

But, after having stepped foot into the 9/11 Truth Movement, he stepped up his game and learned to embrace his fear of lights, cameras, interviewers in suits, and invisible thousands in the audience “out there,” he never looked back.

Gage was invited to Fresno Fox News TV, for his first TV interview, and literally befuddled and dazzled his host interviewers. Watch!

Fortunately, other media opportunities in New Zealand like this TV News Show NZTV [1] and dozens of others like these:

Gage attracted genuinely curious attendees, like the 700 who came to Wellington at the TePapa Museum.

Russia Today TV picked up the world-wide coordinated campaign “Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11” in 2013 with billboard, mass-transit, and taxi ads placed all over the world in a $1M effort to wake up the sleeping public.

And, through the extremely diligent work of the staff at AE911Truth, Gage attracted a few mainstream television opportunities such as the August 1, 2014 45 minute interview on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal [2] which ended up becoming their most watched video ever with more than one million views.

The C-SPAN Washington Journal interview [2]captured one million views – their most viewed video ever!

Complete List of TV & Radio Interviews: