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Benny Wills – “How to Stop Being that ‘Conspiracy Guy’ – in less than an hour!”

Do your friends have you pegged as a “conspiracy theorist”?

How can you easily shift their paradigm?

What are the new rules of communicating about 9/11?

My Guest is Benny Wills, Acclaimed Poet, JoyCamp Comedian, Actor, and my favorite 9/11 communication coach! He is an emcee and YouTube personality [1], and is well known for his work on the comedic conspiracy channel JoyCamp [2] as well as MEME Monday, a weekly show on his personal channel.

Watch Benny’s new Coronavirus Virus | The REAL Pandemic!  [3]Benny helps people fight through the division by communicating more effectively using his online course Parrhesia: The Art of Communication [4].