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Big Questions for the 9/11 Truth Movement

“Who did 9/11/01?” … “How did they do it?” … “Why did they do it?”…“What caused the three WTC towers to collapse?”… What happened at the Pentagon?”… “What foreign powers were involved in the attacks?”

These questions, and the divisions among us that they point to, have plagued us since the earliest days of our movement. But these inquiries also point to the greatest of 9/11 Truth controversies.  “How shall we best pursue achievement of the critical mass of awareness and activism that will make our movement an unstoppable force?” “What will it take to power us to a real victory?!”

Do you think YOU have solved any of these 9/11 questions? If so, contact me – Richard Gage – to apply for presentation of your theories and strategies on RichardGage911:Unleashed! [1] – my new live-stream video podcast. 

The divisions in our movement—whether they reflect sincerely held opinions, misinformation by well-meaning activists, or the insincere “disinformation”—have been skillfully used by our opponents to divide and conquer us. NO MORE!

I am now free of my commitment to the constraints of my integral 15-year relationship with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and it’s very specific mission. I am still in solidarity with you to demonstrate that the 9/11 Truth Movement can achieve unity through embracing honest inquiry and opening to Truth—where ever it may be found.  This is our path to national and global transformation!  It is critical that we develop more active solutions.

I will not be taking stands nor providing answers to the above critical questions.  But if you are invited onto my podcast, I and my audience with me will be asking tough questions. They will engage with you.  I welcome those who agree with you to chime in and I will invite those who disagree with you to state their case. We will engage with you at RichardGage911:Unleashed! [2]

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But engage positively. Challenge the message—yes.  But it is poisonous for the Truth Movement when we criticize those who are researching, taking actions, and doing their best, with ad hominem attacks. If that is what you are doing, then you will be isolated. We need to be shifting from finger-pointing to constructive dialog. We need to be more interested in finding the truth than proving that we are right.

The Deep State works tirelessly – assigning us niches and labels – to divide us into competing factions:

Well friends, do you share with me the decision that we will not surrender to their false divisions? 

If so, now is the time for us to turn the tables. My weekly podcast will feature informed participants—forensic professionals, PhD scientists, credible experts in relevant fields, long-time 9/11 Truth Activists, and newcomers to the 9/11 Truth Movement as well. All credible guests are invited to articulate their perspectives with verifiable data and in a respectful manner. All reasonable 9/11 controversies are fair game.

Rules on my podcast include: 1) Clarify the controversy you wish to address, 2) Present your perspective in a verifiable data-based manner rather than fanciful speculation, and 3) Treat those who do not share your perspective in a respectful manner.

Together, let’s confront our differences with the aim to UNIFY, as we pursue TRUTH

In addition to your active participation, note that I am respectfully asking for your practical financial support me at RichardGage911.org, as I intend to podcast, speak, and support the 9/11 Truth Movement as my full-time effort—leaving me no time to pursue other means of livelihood.

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Thank you for all you have done already and for your own efforts toward breaking through with a new unimpeachable investigation of 9/11 that is sure to come.

Patience, Persistence and Solidarity,

Richard (& Gail too!)

Richard Gage, AIA, Architect