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Co-Produce Phase 2 of this Powerful New 9/11 Film Series!

“9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom” – the Historic WTC Film Series – in Partnership with YOU! [1]


Big News This Week: Filming Begins for Phase 1 – in Wash DC !

YOU now have the opportunity to co-produce the rest of this major 9/11 Truth film series!

I’ve partnered with the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry to create 9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom, which combines the world’s leading 9/11 WTC spokesperson and 9/11 litigation team led by attorney Mick Harrison. For the first time, this film will cover the hard WTC evidence from both the technical and legal sides, bringing to the screen the WTC Petition evidentiary Exhibits for both the public and the actual Grand Jury.

This exciting and creative project is the result of a combination of fortuitous factors: The launch of our new organization and website RichardGage911.org [2] and my having been invited to join the board of directors of the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry [3] in the wake of becoming solo from AE911Truth last year.

Richard Gage, AIA, along with a dozen experts, will present the hard WTC evidence directly to the Grand Jury in the new documentary film series “9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom.”

LC911 has already submitted a petition to the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York for a Special Criminal Grand Jury [4] to investigate the World Trade Center crimes, citing and supported by 60 evidentiary Exhibits. This new film series will be submitted as a supplement to the original Petition which must, by law, be given to the Grand Jury! In fact we have already sued the US Attorney to ensure that it happens – and we, (as plaintiffs in the case too!) are committed to taking the case all the way to the US Supreme Court.


This film will let YOU see what the Grand Jurors will actually see, as Mick, myself, and other expert witnesses look right into the camera and ask you to watch and judge for yourselves the dispositive irrefutable scientific evidence for the controlled demolition of WTC 1, 2, and 7.  

You will be invited to weigh in on the evidence, episode by episode, with real-time feedback for the production of the next episodes in the series, including, for instance, who would be the most important witnesses for the actual Grand Jury to subpoena! 


Mick Harrison is the inspired Litigation Director for the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry who leads the C2C film’s foray into the “fourth branch of the US Government” – the Grand Jury. (US vs. Williams, 1984)
Additional expert witnesses will dive deeper into the critical evidence, and Family Members of 9/11 victims will share their personal stories.

The Film Crew

We have hired the finest DP (Director of Photography) in Wash DC – Gary Grieg. And he has brought along the very best lighting and sound experts, Josh Spring and Dwayne Dell, as well his exceptional Assistant Cameraman, Joshua Availe to the front. They are all contracted for November 15/16/17 when it all comes together. 


The Director

These guys are very good—and very expensive. Thank goodness our talented new Director, Michele Lastella [5], is also a huge fan of 9/11 Truth and RG911. In fact he and his assistant are flying all the way from Italy to make sure that this film series gets done aesthetically and effectively – at his own expense! (Let’s all thank Michele in the comments below!)


The Editor

We are also extremely fortunate that our volunteer C2C film editor, Stev Forster at Touchpoint Video  [6]Down-Under in Oz, is so dedicated to getting the truth out about 9/11 that he will carry most of the post-production load on his back! We will be flooding him with the great DC footage shot outside and inside – with all the irrefutable forensic evidence and eyewitness testimony – comprehensive and professionally presented – as has never been attempted before. (Please thank Stev in the comments below as well!)


This film project is exactly what the 9/11 Truth Movement needs at this time. The WTC evidence in the 60 Petition Exhibits that it brings to life, and the legal framework it provides, strongly supports the testimony of the four 9/11 Families’ 20-year struggle for justice featured in the powerful recently-released AE911Truth documentary Unspeakable directed by Dylan Avery.  



This film will effectively place You in the actual Grand Jury Room

And… here’s even better news!! A few incredibly committed major donors , and hundreds of other RG911 supporters who know that this film absolutely must be made, have together funded Phase 1, so, almost half the initial heavy lifting is already done! Now we need you to carry forward and fund Phase 2.

We have another $5,000 matching grant from a California donor who will not rest until there is a Grand Jury investigation. Please donate so your gift will be doubled today!


When you do, your donation of $20 or $100 will be instantly leveraged to $40 or $200 … AND the 60 exhibits of WTC evidence in the Grand Jury Petition will fly off the screen and into the minds of our future Grand Jurors.

I hope you are as excited as Mick and I am about 9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom. We’re looking forward to partnering with YOU on this historic Project!

This is the moment to make this happen. In anticipation of your help, we are now in the film development and production phases!


If you require a tax deductible donation then you should make your donation on the Lawyer’s Committee website, a 501c3 nonprofit [9], and select the “9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom” film series option. Richard Gage, AIA, Architect is an LLC. 


Thank you for saving our future!!

Richard Gage, AIA, Architect, Gail Gage, and our great partners at LC911. We need You to make this film happen! [1] Please Co-Produce it with us now!