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David Chandler: The Simple Physics of the World Trade Center collapses

Just how fast is free-fall acceleration? And what does it mean when a building collapses that fast? My guest on RichardGage911:Unleashed! brings you back to high school and shows how easy it is to talk to your friends about the problem of World Trade Center Building 7:

David became involved with studying the building collapses at the World Trade Center when he realized that he could use the video frame tracking software that he used in his physics teaching, to measure various velocities and accelerations associated with the 9/11 building collapses. 

Download and Listen to the MP3 Audio [1]

He is best known for his measurements demonstrating the absolute freefall of World Trade Center Building 7, proving that NIST’s claims about that building were false. 

His work forced NIST to correct their final report to admit that the building came down in freefall, even though they continue to deny its clear implications.

David has authored and co-authored a number of scientific papers related to 9/11, including “Destruction of the World Trade Center North Tower” and “Fundamental Physics”. 

He has also created a large number of videos analyzing various moving components in the World Trade Center—including the ones he custom-made for my “9/11:Blueprint for Truth” presentation which I have given now more than 650 times around the world! His videos are free to watch [2] now on YouTube & BitChute. 

In the last several years David has delved into the attack on the Pentagon and has opened a can of worms in the 9/11 Truth Movement. We’re bypassing that most controversial subject this time around but we will “circle back” with him in a few months when we dip our toes into that mess at RichardGage911:Unleashed! after we develop enough sturdy ground to stand on ourselves as we continue to fly solo. [3]

He maintains a website hosting his own research in collaboration with several other researchers at 911speakout.org [4].

David has earned a Bachelor’s degree in physics, a Master’s degree in education, and another one in Mathematics! A few years ago he retired from 35 years of teaching physics and mathematics at the high school and college levels. 

Since about 2007 he has been active as a researcher with the “science wing” of the 9/11 Truth Movement. For a number of years he worked directly with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and served with me on its board of directors.

He is currently the Coordinator of Scientists for 9/11 Truth [5].