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Gage Tackles “Bryan” in Fun & Outrageous WTC 7 Debate


It all happened at Sam Tripoli’s “Conspiracy Social Club” on Rokfin

We’ve done a number of very interesting interviews recently, but this one “CSC #125 // Microspheres and Thermite with Richard Gage (Part 1)” clearly takes the cake. For those of you who sport the “premium content” on the Rokfin platform ($) you’ll find super-skeptic Bryan Callen, a regular on the show, quite unconsciously revealing his fear in very colorful ways, of coming face to face with the horrible realization that 9/11 was indeed a false-flag operation with controlled demolition.


I thoroughly enjoyed the encounter—if for no other reason than simply because it was so entertaining. I quickly figured out that in order to get my point across I had to be equally forceful, while smiling, or I couldn’t compete. You may enjoy, and quite possibly learn something—if you can bear it.

Part 2 of this encounter, on the Twin Towers, occurred a week later and was even more lively, however it was not put up on their channel for some reason. We heard later that Bryan had conceded the debate.

The 271 comments on the episode were quite revealing. I felt sorry for my outnumbered opponent:

It turns out that most all of the 270 comments were like this!

I have another crazy opportunity next week to reach the unusual following of “Debra Gets Red-pilled.” Debra is apparently quite the sport in these uneven exchanges with her son-in-law and his guests who present information to the hard-core skeptic who shows up week after week to take on these formidable experts in their field.

At least the audience learns a lot. Will Debra get 9/11 Truthed? Join me on April 27 at 12PM Pacific and find out!