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“Hola” from Mexico! We’re Speaking at a Major Conference: “Anarchapulco” Tomorrow!

Join us Feb 14 at 2:45PM Central – online along with 10,000 others – and get 10% off!

Richard & are in Mexico to speak about 9/11 at the popular annual Anarchapulco Conference in Acapulco, just a few days away. The whole conference is February 14 -18. And thanks to YOUR support we are able to supplement the travel expense reimbursement and go and speak his year again! More than a thousand attendees attended in person in 2020! This year you can watch live from wherever you are as Richard delivers the explosive WTC evidence in yet another compelling, even haunting for some, presentation exposing official lies!

Join us in this celebration of our inherent freedom and sovereignty while we take on the enormous challenges to it, like 9/11 and Covid.

Richard will be in the company of dozens of additional highly esteemed and sought-after international researchers & speakers [1] including Dr. Andrew Kaufman (our housemate here!), Max Igan, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Ben Tapper, Benny Wills of Joycamp, Sean Stone of Enter the Buzzsaw, and Ernest Hancock!

I attended with Richard last year and found this event to be one of the most significant and memorable truth conferences I have ever attended. I connected with the attendees and speakers who radiated with the freedom of their personal sovereignty – knowing who they really are, and the knowledge that we as a people are fully capable of governing ourselves without Deep State overlords using threats of force and false flag operations to rule us.

Wondering what an anarchist is or does, as we wondered? If so, according to the The Anarchist’s Guide to the Galaxy [2], you may very well be one and not yet know it!

We learned that what an anarchist is not, is a person who dresses in black, loots buildings, and terrorizes others. Violence apparently has NO part in being an anarchist. An anarchist seems to be someone who believes that every relationship should be consensual, they respect the bodies and property of others, and they accept responsibility for the decisions they make in their life. If you agree with these concepts then you are actually agreeing with the philosophy of anarchism.

Anarchapulco [3] is a most unique and significant Truth event that you will definitely want to dial into at least once in your life!

Richard’s presentation will of course highlight the 47 story World Trade Center Building 7 that was not hit by a plane but which, after witnesses hear explosions, drops into its own footprint in under 7 seconds in the exact manner of a classic controlled demolition. And we’ll see the incredible evidence of foreknowledge of this building’s destruction

We’ll also see how government agencies falsified the investigation reports, and how the media censored the story. Then we will be invited to look at the Twin Towers—hearing about the 156 eyewitnesses of explosions, all denied by the official reports, and we’ll look at the expert opinions about the Twin Towers’ demolition. We’ll see the proof of the use of high-tech incendiaries and high-energy explosives. But most important, we’ll explore why the truth about 9/11 matters, and what it means to those of us who have the guts to become aware of this dark reality.

The cost to attend the event by livestream is $150 per ticket, and you can get a 10% discount with the coupon code “RICHARDGAGE911”. To learn more and purchase your tickets, visit Anarchapulco [3]!  

We’ll see you “there”!!