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[ Yes – the Conference Call changed to 3pm this month! ]

Greetings to all of our wonderful friends in the 9/11 Truth Movement!

With the generous help from our subscribers, and with particular gratitude to our Inner Circle Members (at the $300/Year support level), Gail and I are continuing the extensive critical work here at RichardGage911 – the latest powerful 9/11 Truth organization with increasing numbers of https://richardgage911.org/upcoming-events/ [1]radio/podcast interviews [1], our growing new website [2], and our info-packed podcasts [3] where we interview top experts and advocates in and around the 9/11 Truth Movement!

We have moved our Shanksville Conference to winter in order to focus on completing the script-work on our new film 9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom [4], and our September 11th 9/11 Truth Film Festival [5]:


Gail and I have been working day and night in September to keep up and make it all happen – and we need your brain power too on our Strategy Conference Call!

Also, we have lots to report about all the recent 21st anniversary events… When?

This Sunday (tomorrow 9/25/22) at 3PM our monthly RG911 Conference Call with our Inner Circle members!

If you are an Inner Circle Member at the $300/year level: then you will be automatically invited. It will be a Zoom Meeting and is held regularly on the 4th Sunday of each month. Please do Reply/RSVP to this message or contact Gail@RichardGage911.org and we will email you the Zoom login info!

And if you are not yet an Inner Circle Member

but would like to join in on our monthly Strategy Conference Call we would love to include you. Simply join or upgrade your membership now to the $300/year [6].

With great gratitude for YOU, we will see you on the Call!

Richard & Gail

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I’m putting it out there! Who’s with me?