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Massimo Mazzucco’s September 11: New Pearl Harbor (Documentary)

Mazzucco takes on the 9/11 Truth Deniers

Join me on RichardGage911:UNLEASHED! with famed Italian Film Director (The New American Century, Cancer -The Forbidden Cures, Global Deceit, The Other Dallas, American Moon) as he walks us through the high points of his landmark documentary  [1]September [1]  [1]11: The New Pearl Harbor [1], [1]

where all of the most important issues in the last 20 years of the 9/11 debate are presented in full detail. Massimo show both the positions of those who reject the official narrative, the 9/11 Truth Movement, and the positions of those who support it, called “the debunkers”:


You get the point. This 3-DVD set, free to watch, covers it all. And Massimo is here to bring you the inside story of it’s making!

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