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“Planet Lockdown” Director Explains: Why This Film Now – On RichardGage911:UNLEASHED!

James Patrick Presents Powerful New Film at Anarchapulco in Mexico

I caught up with documentary film director James Patrick at Anarchapulco, where we both spoke to this assembly of freedom-loving people from at least a dozen different countries. This major exposure was released just last month.


James delves into the actual intent behind the medical tyranny measures of lockdowns, masks, and vaccinations. “Governments around the world are weaponizing the COVID ‘pandemic’ to enslave humanity and end liberty”, he warns. He traveled the world interviewing top experts about what was happening, and it’s not pretty.

There will be no way to “comply” enough to get out of this, and in fact compliance only intensifies the tyranny, he said. The economic component of this assault on humanity involved big corporations using the power of government to smash their smaller competitors with lockdowns. “Humanity must stop it”.