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Red Pill Expo to feature “The Amazing Parallels Between 9/11 & Covid” Inspired by Kevin Ryan

RichardGage911 Presents July 8-10 in Indianapolis, IN!

The Red Pill Expo is the premier yearly conference for alternative views on current and historical events in the world. RichardGage911 has been selected to present the dark truth about 9/11 yet again at this annual event held July 8-10.

We spoke at the first RPE in Bozeman, MT, then Hartford, CT, and last year in Rapid City, SD. Now we are being called to Indianapolis, IN.

If we don’t, or won’t, see the common patterns in these major false-flag events then we are likely to be manipulated again and again, on a grand scale. Many in the 9/11 Truth Movement have chosen not to get informed, not to see the web of deceit in the Covid pandemic and the “vaccines”. I respect that choice. But I encourage you to allow it be a conscious and informed choice, rather than a decision-by-default via influence from peer pressure, the media, and government – as the majority of Americans have succumbed to regarding the official 9/11 narrative.

The upcoming Red Pill Expo [1], and the Advanced Medicine Conference [2] that I spoke at in May, are both excellent vehicles for educating ourselves, as is the growing webpage Covid & 9/11 [3] on our RichardGage911 website.

Kevin Ryan’s historic presentation  [4]on the parallels between 9/11 & Covid-19 [4] was the source of my inspiration and knowledge for this presentation. I codified his excellent presentation into a tabular format on PowerPoint and will be updating and developing it even deeper for the Red Pill Expo. In it we cover:

1. Foreknowledge – Drills

2. Foreknowledge – Insider Trading

3. Control of information & practices by top intelligence agencies & NGO’s

4. False official accounts

5. Creating a climate of Fear

6. No real investigation

7. Abuse of science

8. A response far more harmful than the original problem

9. An illusive powerful enemy

10. Media Censorship: Critical questioning not allowed in polite society

11. Controlling the narrative

12. Implementation of draconian policies & surveillance

13. Serious conflicts of interest: Suspicious financial benefits for insiders

We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the unsung hero Kevin Ryan for his penetrating analysis on this and so many more issues that he has exposed related to 9/11 over the last decade and more. Thank you Kevin!

People are paying attention to and attending the Red Pill Expo “because they know something is wrong.” The 20 speakers at the Red Pill Expo this year are helping truth seekers understand “how the world really works.” They include:

Now you know why you have to go to Indianapolis! Up to a thousand people are flying in from all over the world. Others are going to watch the livestream from home. One way or another YOU NEED TO BE THERE! And the “Early Bird” discount tickets are still available for you!

RPE quote of the year: “Do not let the theater of crisis frighten you into isolation. The future belongs to those who run to the battle, not away from it!”