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RG911 Presents Live in Miami

Local 9/11 Truth Group brings “Parallels: 9/11 & Covid” to Town

By Gail Gage

Every time we go to a city, for whatever reason, in this case for the in-studio interview with PBD Podcast at Valuetainment [1] in Fort Lauderdale, we try to set up a speaking engagement in concert with the local 9/11 Truth group.

We included a complete review of all the WTC evidence in addition to the new “Parallels” presentation.

And we did just that on September 13. We invited 30 local architects & engineers. They didn’t make it to the event, but they got a nice formal introduction to our work and some great links to the WTC evidence at RichardGage911.org. A couple of dozen local Miamians did make it out to the Super Machi Restaurant event to learn the latest from RG911.

Richard took the occasion to present his adaptation of Kevin Ryan’s original, “Parallels: 9/11 & Covid”.


It has now developed into a 2-hour immersive experience of the fascinating relationships between these 2 Deep-State-sponsored events, which seemed to captivate everyone – in fact all of them stayed for another hour of deep Q&A – for insiders-only.

Dozens of questions kept us engaged for 4 hours! Several Mimaians simply needed to express their hopes and frustrations in a safe forum where only other “insiders” could open up and vent.

One person asked, “Are we doomed?” Richard had to go deep for this one – and later shared with me that he wrestled with himself to answer the question on the spot. Because it is quite uncomfortably apparent to many of us observing external metrics that we still have complete censorship by mainstream media, empty promises of politicians (like Trump on the campaign trail about 9/11), increasing State surveillance measures, and a seemingly endless series of military conflicts. Where is the hope for us to hang onto? We can’t be effective activists without hope. While the above activities of the Deep State, quite unfortunately, seem increasingly true, we do indeed have postive signs. For instance, we have found an increasing interest not only in 9/11 Truth – but especially the medical & freedom movements.

The cross pollination between the two movements seems to be increasingly fertile. For instance, we at RichardGage911 have been asked increasingly in the last 4 months to speak on the Parallels in presentations and radio interviews, and the supporter feedback to us about this venture off the reservation has been overwhelmingly positive (though not universal). This is new material and it is current and very relevant. The 9/11 Truth movement benefits from the more complete awareness of the Covid side of the equation. The public that has been increasingly disillusioned by extremely controlling and harmful mandates are ripe for the truth about 9/11.

We highlight the Parallel “A Solution Far Worse Than The Original Problem“: The awful truth of vaccine related injuries and deaths well-documented on the CDC website yet censored by the main-stream media.

In fact, we can’t keep up with the demand recently. So, Richard is making progress on his 2-hour recorded webinar on the Parallels.

But beyond observable metrics we both, and others we’ve spoken with, share the feeling that we are riding a wave that is lifting and propelling all of us toward a very positive outcome. We just don’t know the timing of that divine providence. But we are connected with it – and that brings us joy in serving humanity.

Nearby Miami is where local leaders Diana and Bruce coordinates such events – following her move from Washington DC where she hosted similar 9/11 truth actions, and in Spain before that! Bruce began his political actions in and even before the Occupy Movement, when he attempted a run for FL State Governor on the Green Party Ticket.

Richard & Gail try to see a little bit of each city they land in, nearby Fort Lauderdale, FL in this case – for about 1 1/2 hours. We got in a quick walking tour downtown which included this historic beauty on Los Olas Blvd

I want to thank all of you, our wonderful supporters for making this southern Florida 9/11 Truth outreach possible! There were several expenses not covered by the flight and hotel reimbursements from Patrick bet-David, and your donations always seem to be there for us to enable opportunities like this work out great! Thank you!