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RG911 Speaks to Hundreds at 4th International Advanced Medicine Conference – Hosted by Dr. Rashid Buttar

Major Speaking Event in San Antonio, TX, Reaps Embrace of 9/11 Truth in Alternative Medical Field

The Advanced Medicine Conference [1] brings the “who’s who” [2] in the field of alternative medicine each year. Richard was honored to be asked by the conference host Dr. Rashid Battar to bring the 9/11 WTC explosive evidence to this esteemed group.

This invitation to present to hundreds of medical professionals was completely unprecedented for the 9/11 Truth Movement – and certainly for Richard in his 15 years of activism of spearheading the movement.


When the full videos of the conference are released from the courageous Advanced Medicine conference producer, Dr. Rashid Buttar, we will publish it and you will be able to see the new section of Richard’s presentation “Parallels 9/11 & Covid” which was directly inspired by Kevin Ryan [4]. It was presented as a “case-study” so people can more easily discern the unseen hand of the Deep State behind both sets of events. The categories of direct comparison between these two planned events included:

  1. Foreknowledge – Drills
  2. Foreknowledge – Insider trading
  3. Control of information & practices by top intelligence agencies & NGO’s
  4. False official accounts
  5. Creating a climate of fear
  6. No real investigation
  7. Abuse of science
  8. An illusive and powerful enemy
  9. Media censorship – Critical questioning not allowed in polite society
  10. Controlling the narrative with propaganda
  11. Implementation of draconian policies & surveillance
  12. Serious conflicts of interest – Suspicious financial benefits for insiders

Richard provided abundant detail for the “9/11” side of the equation, which we received great feedback on, but he only had to briefly outline the “Covid” side of the table in his slide show, because the speakers went into great detail during the weekend on this material—and it was powerful and uncanny how it tied into the “Parallels” presentation.

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Intro of RG 1-min [6]

We were both overwhelmingly grateful and humbled by the wonderful response to his presentation. We were swarmed at our evidence booth immediately following the presentation. The hundreds of brochures were taken, and the DVDs and books completely sold out over the course of the conference!

Watch 20 sec video – RG Poll [7]

I cannot even tell you how many people shared with us how excited they were that we were there, at this event, sharing the explosive evidence of the World Trade Center. One gentleman shared that when he saw Richard on the list of scheduled guest speakers he was so thrilled to be able to hear his presentation live, that he “would have traveled all the way to the conference just to see the live presentation!”

Watch 3-min video – WTC7 explosions [8]

From among the attendees, mostly doctors, Richard received several interview requests as more and more medical professionals realize the need to awaken the population to the parallels between 9/11 & Covid. Stand by for some great interviews including by our friend from Anarchapulco, Del BigTree!

As always, we’ll be sure to make all of his interviews available for you to view as soon as they’re available to us. We also hope to have the full-length video of Richard’s presentation as soon as it’s released.

Equally exciting, we also made some great connections with several of the doctors which led to our interviewing of them at the event, as well as some upcoming RichardGage911:UNLEASHED! podcast interviews. Stay tuned for our email announcements so that you don’t miss any of the great information from these courageous medical doctors!

Dr. Carrie Madej presented at the conference microscopy evidence of synthetic life forms at the nano scale [10] in the “vaccines”.
Dr. Brian Ardis is perhaps the most controversial presenter at the AM Conference having presented a startling theory that explains some of the symptoms of Covid, the “vaccine”, and the only allowed Covid treatment – Remdesivir. [11]
Del BigTree is the producer of Vaxxed [13] and the host of successful Highwire [14], He says that he will be bringing RG911 onto the Highwire!
Dr. Larry Palevsky is a pediatrician challenging the official Covid narrative from top to bottom. I interviewed him after I found that he was convinced by WTC 7 and was disturbed to see all the Parallels of 9/11 & Covid.

We were very fortunate to be able to score an interview with Dr. Lee Merritt. This brave and amazing doctor is one among many spearheading the medical industry’s truth and transparency movement as they lead the way to awaken the public to the crimes against humanity that have plagued this world far too long, particularly the current Plandemic and what we came to learn at this conference was an untested, unsafe and ineffective experimental genetic therapy which they fraudulently call a vaccine [16].

Dr. Merritt shared her 9/11 experience, and how she came to realize that we were all lied to about the facts surrounding 9/11.

Dr. Lee Merritt really surprised us with her knowledge about 9/11 truth. She shared her own unique insights on the similarities between 9/11 and Covid, and said “this 9/11 is going to turn out to be the thing that kicks a lot of people to start looking at what our government is doing…”. She interviewed Richard when we returned home, on her own podcast The Medical Rebel [17].

The RichardGage911 evidence booth was packed during most of the breaks!

Our 9/11 evidence booth was a huge hit and was constantly surrounded by extremely enthusiastic attendees who were very excited to take home our evidence videos and literature.

They sought to arm themselves with factual and convincing material to share with their family, friends, and co-workers as well as help to support our very important work.

Joe flew all the way from Florida to be a part of our team, and he did an exemplary job at going out of his way to make sure that everyone who walked by our booth received a brochure and the signup to be on our email list.

Some of them simply wanted to have a better understanding themselves of what did and did not happen to the WTC skyscrapers on 9/11. Most shared the same story – that they have been trying to convince the people in their lives about the truth of 9/11 for a very long time, but have never been equipped with such scientific proof as they found in our presentations & videos.

Some simply wanted to discuss with Richard an aspect about the events on 9/11 they didn’t understand. All left our booth with a sense that they were doing their part to expose 9/11 and bring justice to the victims and their family members.

Our local volunteer Sunny was so kind to pick us up at the airport, and even brought us dinner to eat before setting up our booth. She not only did a great job tabling at the booth, she was also a huge help in running errands for us and making sure we had no needs that were unmet.
Watch this 1 minute video with booth visitor and brand new 9/11 truth Rick Hopperstad. [21]

Our success at the evidence booth and meeting the demand of the many visitors we had there, would have never been possible without the help of our two awesome volunteers – Sunny from San Antonio, and Joe who flew in from Florida to help us!

Our two volunteers worked incredibly hard all weekend answering questions and guiding people in choosing the videos and materials for their unique individual needs and goals. Their warm and welcoming smiles lit up the booth even more than our colorful illuminated display banner.

So overall this event exceeded all of our expectations, and RichardGage911 [22] will be blessed from the great connections we were able to make for a long time. This also means that you, our wonderful supporters, will benefit also… as we bring great content to our podcast RichardGage911:UNLEASHED!

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But we couldn’t have done it without your help! YOU made it possible for me to work fulltime at our home office, which in turn made it possible for Richard to continue on in his mission of sharing 9/11 truth, and traveling to these speaking engagements is a major way to accomplish just that. Therefore YOU are an invaluable team player as you enable us to do what you may not be able to – through our podcast interviews of our great guests, the interviews of Richard once or twice a week, and speaking engagements around the world. We are so grateful for ALL of you, our wonderful supporters.

Our next 9/11 outreach is at the annual National Fire Protection Association convention in Boston next week – June 6-8 where we will be reaching, by way of a new evidence booth “Protecting our Protectors”, thousands of fire professionals with the dilemma that firefighters face fighting high-rises that can now (as a result of NIST’s declaration of cause of failure in WTC 7) come down on top of them without warning, in seconds, in their command base in the first floor. We will be joined by firefighters Erik Lawyer and Raul Angulo.

Send us to Boston to do your good work! [23]