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RichardGage911 Delivers the WTC Explosive Evidence in Acapulco to Anarchist Group

Hundreds on site; Thousands Reached Via Livestream

By Gail Gage

This year’s Anarchapulco international event  [1]had Richard Gage, AIA, Architect speaking right in the middle of a tropical paradise – Jardin Secreto (Secret Garden) the perfect get-away environment for this freedom-loving crowd.

Initially, two years ago, Richard was quite uncomfortable speaking to “anarchists” – because they wear black and engage in nasty protests and seek the violent overthrow of the US Government. All of that amounted to, of course, misdirection and mistruth promoted by the media – just like the official narrative of 9/11. Here is a summary of what anarchists say that they are about. [3]

Richard opened his talk with a very personal story of his own awakening to the truth about 9/11 in 2006 with the early reaction of his shock, then deep pain, and then visceral anger upon the realization of the immensity of the hoax, and crime, of the century.


He told this gentle crowd how he couldn’t believe that he was the only architect willing to speak out regularly and grow an organization to take on this global scam. And grow it he did.


He was asked by MC Earnest Hancock to share what happened at AE911Truth in September, so he opened up about the difficult separation from AE911Truth [6] that began with his candid comments about the Covid and vaccine manipulations, about Spike Lee pulling his 9/11 Truth segment from HBO, and about the AE board’s over-reaction to their PR consultant’s panic attack regarding the Slate magazine article. It’s a lot to pack in, and he did. It changed our lives quite significantly and Richard has shined threw it all, maintaining the high road, exonerating his former fellow board members, and taking the blame for speaking off-topic.

The attendees seemed appreciative of his persistence over 15 years at AE911Truth, with 600 hundred presentations and an equal number of TV & radio interviews over the years. They were also supportive of our ongoing leadership in the 9/11 Truth Movement at RichardGage911.org, independent of AE911Truth and expanding our message.


Richard introduced me on stage for the first time ever and shared with the crowd how hard we work together side by side in order to get the truth further out there on social media with our new video podcast RichardGage911:UNLEASED! [8] which we produce together at least every week. I was so proud to be by his side up there, having admired his work for the last 6 years since we first met in Sandpoint, ID, and married almost 3 years ago.


He then started in with the evidence for the Third Tower to collapse, WTC Building 7, which most people know nothing about. It was the 47 story high-rise that, after witnesses hear explosions, collapses suddenly, smoothly, symmetrically into its own footprint in less than 7 seconds – and in the exact manner of a classic controlled demolition.

He told the audience that he starts with this building for 3 reasons, 1) because people are unfamiliar with it so they are more intrigued as well as openminded, 2) nobody died in that building according to the official narrative, so people don’t have a trauma induced fear-based experience associated with it like so many do with the Twin Towers, and 3) the evidence of controlled demolition is crystal clear, so the audience is then more open-minded about our bigger issue – the Twin Towers.

You will be able to see Richard’s whole 50 minute presentation when Anarchapulco releases it in a couple of weeks.

I felt love from everywhere in this conference. Not only did I feel safe, all the time, but I felt a deep level of positive engagement and even support from almost everyone I met – like kindred spirits coming together – a brotherhood of likeminded and like-hearted freedom loving people. Not a hint of irritation or even anger, and certainly not violence – even though the conference dealt with some really tough topics – like the exposure of government and media’s psychological and physical warfare against Americans and citizens of almost all other nationalities. They hold it in their hearts or they speak out about it to others, but they seem somewhat unattached as they seek to free themselves from the modern bonds of slavery to an unseen master.

We have a lot to learn from the true anarchists, and Richard and I will be paying close attention to the speakers here for the duration of this powerful Anarchapulco conference [10].