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RichardGage911 Interviewed on “Valuetainment” by YouTube Giant Patrick Bet-David – Reaching Millions Now

Gage Flown to FT. Lauderdale for In-studio Clash with Skeptics to 3.5M YT subscribers

[Note: Following this September 13th interview by Patrick bet-David of the PBD Podcast on “Valuetainment” a few in the 9/11 Truth Movement have expressed concern about my responses to the host’s questions about my position on a number of ‘conspiracy theories’.  I should have said, “the purpose of the interview is to detail the dispositive forensic evidence regarding the true causes of the explosive destruction of the World Trade Center 1, 2 and 7 – let’s get to that!”  If any of my responses caused anyone to believe that I give any credence to so-called ‘flat earth’ claims I sincerely apologize, as this is definitively not the case!]

Richard Grove of Autonomy is a big fan of Patrick Bet-David, an Iranian-American success story, who is exposing his mega-audience to the truth about 9/11 for the first time. We were happy to oblige – even though it meant leaving home at 2:00am for a plane across the country with 3 hours sleep the night after our 7-hour 9/11 Truth Film Festival Gail and I hosted [1]! I wasn’t going to miss this interview! (I don’t miss any of them.)

Watch on Rumble now. YouTube removed the video on October 11, just when it had achieved 500,000 views, citing “hate speech”! I assure you that none of us said anything hateful!

Here is the location of the original YouTube video in case YouTube decides to restore it per appeal from the PBD podcast:
https://youtu.be/v3X4UMJNlGA [2]

This was the most important high-end far-reaching video interview we have had the good fortune to land. With 3.5M YouTube subscribers. This PBD Podcast has 9.5K views in less than 2 hours. The studio was filled with a dozen camera and tech guys, his 2 permanent guests, and myself. I felt outnumbered – immediately upon entering. And they lit into me fairly quickly: “Do you believe in the moon landing? Is the Earth flat? Was JFK assassinated by a lone gunman? Is Princess Diana still alive? “Wow – calm down guys – let’s talk about the WTC evidence!”


“Valutainment”, with it’s “PBD Podcast” is a high-end operation with 3.5M subscribers and a reach well beyond that, and has dozens of employees. Let’s make that the reality at RichardGage911!

Well we did – above the interruptions of Patrick’s skeptic sidekick Adam, and the incredulity of Patrick himself who hadn’t yet taken the time to review the evidence himself. So I did have opportunity to lay it out on the table – beginning of course with Building 7, the 47 story problem in the official narrative which they try so hard to sweep under the rug, the extreme heat of incendiaries ((2,800 to 4,000 degrees F) in all 3 towers unaccountable in the official narrative, the explosive testimony from the 156 first responders as well as plain to see video evidence of explosives, the freely flying 4 and 8 ton structural steel ejected at 80 miles an hour laterally landing 600 feet in every direction, the isolated explosive ejections 40 to 60 stories below the “collapse,” the pulverization of all the concrete in mid-air, which along with the dispersed steel columns and beams is not even available to “crush” the building!


Patrick Bet-David played ‘neutral’, while Adam was the hard skeptic. This debate had me on the edge of my seat for the first time in a long time. I loved it.

Yes – we did manage to cover it all – while for the most part, dodging speculation and listening to the pangs of incredulity on the part of the skepticism. While Patrick did acknowledge several important issues on the side of 9/11 Truth he really wanted to know how “They” could have gotten away with it. The operatives would have had a guilty conscience and talked. But I asked does my unwillingness to speculate on that issue invalidate any of the scientific forensic evidence that I just laid out, and is laid out in my documentary “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out”?! NO! it does not! Mic drop.

I’ve never felt so challenged. It was very very good for me. I held up well; I rose to the challenge, and I delivered powerfully. Listen to the Podcast and let me know what you think!

And…. for goodness sake… support our critically important work so that we can reach tens of millions this year!