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Sandra Jelmi – the Volunteer’s Volunteer on RichardGage:Unleashed!

My guest is Sandra Jelmi – the most prolific volunteer in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Here is one who walks the talk. She doesn’t even talk in fact – she walks. Actually, she runs, and she’s been running for as many years as I have! She’s overseen the translation of up to 50 9/11 Truth videos and documents in 30 languages so far – and she’s still running!

Sandra is a trilingual Montrealer with a Bachelor in Translation who also lived in Vienna, Austria for years. She joined the Translation Team of AE911Truth in 2010 and became its coordinator.

In 2015, she also became a founding member of the International Truth Action Group, coordinating the various Truth groups outside the US who are based mostly in Europe. In January of 2021, she joined 911TAP, and became a board member in April, focusing

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her attention on organizing the 20th anniversary gathering in New York, which she attended in September. Certified as a Community Mediator and a Life Coach, she gravitates towards the psychology of communication, the importance of dialogue and a strong belief in the need for unity on the matter of 9/11 Truth, caring deeply about connecting the people, groups and organizations who have 9/11 Truth foremost in their hearts and minds.