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[UPDATED 2/28/22 – missing information from original interview] Spike Lee Defends 9/11 Truth, Declares “No Choice”!

Not His Decision: Cut of 30 Min. 9/11 Truth Segment from Sept 2021 HBO Miniseries

Very interesting news today! The Washington Post Magazine was apparently the first to follow-up successfully with Spike Lee after the fateful August decision to cut out the half-hour 9/11 Truth HBO segment which included a detailed interview with yours truly. 

Spike Lee flew me to his studio in Brooklyn, NY last year to interview me for 2 hours to develop his 30 minute segment. He was deeply moved by the explosive WTC evidence and committed to airing it to millions last September.

We can now set aside six months of opinion, speculation, and in my case, self-condemnation. Along with AE911Truth, I had thought that Spike pulled the segment from his September 11th episode of the NYC Epicenter miniseries because of my comments regarding Covid and vaccines picked up by Slate Magazine [2], which in turn resulted in my untimely departure from AE911Truth. You can read and listen to my account of this set of unfortunate events on our my website RichardGage911.org [3]

“I wasn’t given a choice. But that too shall pass.” Spike Lee

While this saga turned out to be an extraordinarily positive occurrence for myself, and ultimately the 9/11 Truth Movement, it was also initially among the most painful moments of my life.

Spike corrects the interviewer regarding the false claim that the 9/11 “Conspiracies” have been debunked. Go Spike! He also sets the record straight—that he “wasn’t given a choice” regarding pulling the controversial 30 minute segment. This of course implies that such a decision came from above him in some hierarchical structure. While we might speculate about what that means, we can at least now be reasonably certain that Spike’s “returning to the editing room” was not due to a set of comments by myself about Covid. I feel better already.


“So where do you fall on that? Do you think those [9/11 theories] are true? Or do you think that they may be true?”

“I think that there’s things that need to be discussed. In all my work, I put the information out there, whether it be documentaries or feature films, and I leave it up to the audience to decide. Simple. They make up their own minds. People, before they come to my theaters, they’ve lived a life. They’ve been impacted where they grew up, the education — all those factors. So I don’t expect everybody to have the same reaction to the film. People today still stop me in the street and say, ‘Spike, who did the right thing in Do the Right Thing? And I say, who do you think?

I would not be the filmmaker I am today if just because someone says it’s not true, you can’t do it.”

“Someone wrote that you may have actually “captured the collective psyche of the moment” in including that material because there is a big rise in so-called conspiracy theories because there’s a lot of distrust.”

“Yeah. I included people — scientists, architects — who aren’t buying the story that, especially the third tower [at the World Trade Center] crumpled to the ground — that has never happened before in the history of steel structures, ever, so I did not see harm letting people decide their own mind.

And what some of the media did, which I felt was truly not right, and some dirty, underhanded s—, was because I have this in the documentary, they’re aligning me with the motherf—ers that tried to overthrow the government at the Capitol. They tried to put me in the same bag as that! They said that what I was doing was the same as the insurrectionists and also the anti-vaccination people. That was just totally wrong. And that was done on purpose. And, in some way, they were successful. They aligned with me with the insurrectionists on January 6th and with the anti-vaxxers.”

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