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“You have nothing to apologize for. In 15 years, I have never seen you go off script while representing AE911 truth and talk about anything but the demolitions. If you made some off camera remarks about Covid-19, that has no bearing on the facts of 911. Every organization distinguishes between people representing the organization and things they say on their own time. No one can be expected to keep their opinions to themselves for 15 years…. If anyone is to blame, it is Spike Lee. What a coward, and self-serving sycophant. He had the opportunity to reveal the truth about 911 to the American public, which could spare the world another 20 years of US state terror wars, restore our civil liberties, and let the world know the truth. Instead, he succumbed to pressure about irrelevant comments you made on another subject. They probably would have found another way to pressure him to kill it if the Covid issues didn’t work, like playing the anti-Semitism card. Spike Lee cared more for his career than for the truth and for humanity and that is disgusting. Keep up the great work, and don’t blame yourself.”