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Ramen Shemirani   


“Stay strong as usual and keep following your path. Forced change can lead to an unexpected but even greater result. You represented a highly respected Organization with a very clear goal regarding a rather special event 20 years ago, which still needs to be investigated. So at least for me it was pretty clear that it was always your private opinion when it comes to any other topic. You usually kept mentioning explicitly that you were about to talk on your own behalf when not talking about 9/11, if I am correct. So removing you as the C.E.O. was a total unnecessary overreaction and a suboptimal decision. Still, everyone in doubt shall make sure to continue to support AE911TRUTH. As well as your new upcoming project. Regarding your opinion about the ongoing global event….Why should you be restricted from talking about an important topic with a deep impact on everyone’s life? A lot of renown independent experts have already shared their knowledge and discussed the available data in the meantime. Everybody shall be able to have his own opinion and to express his view.”