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New Video: The Incredible Parallels Between 9/11 & COVID | Richard Gage, AIA and Madhava Setty, MD

This unique presentation is an exercise in “sense making.” We look at the incredible Parallels between the 9/11 and COVID19 Deep State False Flag events which developed originally by Kevin Ryan.

These are the two events that have had the largest impact on our society. But were they “intended outcomes” and thus “planned events”? Review the evidence, if you dare, and decide for yourself.

Richard Gage, AIA, Architect and Madhava Setty, MD examine, in turn, each set of parallels – and reach startling conclusions. Joe Martino of Collective Evolution hosts this deeper look into our “collective evolution.”

(Above is the YouTube video player for the Parallels presentation. I was shocked to see that YouTube hadn’t taken it down yet – given their unprecedented levels of censorship recently.
In case it does get taken down by YouTube for “medical misinformation”, or in case you’d like to view it on an alternative viewing platform, you can watch it on Rokfin below.