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The Secret “Bridgeways Project”: Galvanic Corrosion at WTC 1 & 2?

The Amazing Pre-9/11 Journeys of Architectural Photographer Tom Scott Gordon

What was the “Bridgeways Project” and why was it clandestine?

Was there a developing problem of galvanic corrosion with the aluminum cladding on the towers?

Why did this project get terminated so abruptly in one day – stunning the dozens gathered for the most cryptic meeting of their lives – attended by none other than our guest today on RichardGage911:UNLEASHED!

Why was this architectural photographer hired to study and photograph the city landscape immediately surrounding the Twin Towers more than ten years before 9/11?

Why was the tower’s architect of record, Emery Roth & Sons, re-hired 20 years after their completion, to engage in the massive project to protect the public on the plaza below the towers – and to protect from what?

Was there an even larger project underway to actually decommission the Twin Towers?

My guest is multi-decade architectural photographer Tom Scott Gordon of TS Gordon/Building Images who earned numerous AIA awards, (American Institute of Architects) on assignments for over 650 architecture and design firms.

Was galvanic corrosion in the Aluminum Cladding a looming catastrophic problem at the WTC Twin Towers?

He earned a bachelor’s degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1976.

His formative years were spent under the tutelage of acclaimed artists including audio genius Dr. Paul Klipsch, famed watercolorist, Robert Andrew Parker, “AIA Gold Medalist” Fay Jones, and his associates; ‘Uncle’ Norman Jaffe, AIA, David George, AIA, and Bob Shaheen, ASLA.