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[Video Avail.] Amazing Parallels Between 9/11 & Covid

Great news! You can now see this long-awaited video for a short period of time!

G. Edward Griffin Draws 2 Dozen Power-Speakers to Wake Up Indianapolis!

Gail and I hope that you will be able to make the time to see what the fuss was all about. As detailed below, this turned out to be a 2-hour presentation that I tried to stuff into 45 minutes. (It was rushed!)

Ed called me a couple of months ago asking, “What 9/11 materials have you got to present that’s new and exciting? It’s really important that you be there”. “Well…” I stammered, “As a matter of fact, I just finished watching this fantastic short talk that Kevin Ryan gave at the SF 9/11 Truth Film Festival [1], connecting the dots of the 9/11 and Covid-19 events – and it blew me away!”

We were honored to speak to this distinguished crowd of the awakened and the awakening. Turns out by a show of hands, that this was the first exposure to 9/11 for at least a dozen attendees. I love it when their jaw drops at the table with tears in their eyes, and they ask all the good questions about 9/11!

(The last time I saw such a powerful distillation of critical characteristics comparing aspects of the 9/11 event was David Ray Griffin’s “features of controlled demolition” for the three towers – which I took and ran forward with to create the heart of my “9/11: Blueprint for Truth [3]” presentation – now given live more than 700 times.)

I can’t help but share my 2006 story of how I heard David Ray Griffin on the radio and that he and Steven Jones became my mentors to start the A/E organization with 1 architect – and then to 3,500 A/E’s!

I told Ed, “I need to codify Kevin’s 11 parallels, expand on them, put them in a table format, and add supporting graphics.” He said “Go!”

Kevin discovered 11 parallels between 9/11 & Covid – and I added a couple:

  1. Foreknowledge: insider trading
  2. Foreknowledge: predictive programming
  3. Foreknowledge: drills
  4. Abuse of science
  5. Creating a climate of fear
  6. A solution that is far worse than the original problem
  7. False accounts by officials
  8. Extreme Control of the Narrative
  9. No real investigation
  10. An elusive powerful enemy
  11. A shifting narrative by top agencies and NGO’s
  12. Media censorship of & attacks on critical questioning
  13. Implementation of Draconian policies and surveillance

From the hundreds of “parallels” slides presented, here are a couple of examples:


And most of the points made in each slide are backed up with peer-reviewed and other articles or releases from agencies. I look forward to putting all of them in your hands.

Gail and Richard needed to work the WTC evidence table almost full time in order to keep up with the constant stream of inquiring Red Pill attendees! Special thanks to our wonderful volunteer Joe K!

I worked very hard for the last month on this presentation with the help of Dr. Madhava Setty—whom we interviewed on RichardGage911:UNLEASHED! earlier this year.

The finished product was a very powerful 2-hour presentation—but I only had 45 minutes! I didn’t want to cut back any of the newer revelatory information on Covid, so I had to trim the 9/11 info to the core points, because I had delivered the WTC evidence in some detail the previous year. I spent about 40 hours placing the most concise relevant Covid evidence parallels into the PowerPoint and I didn’t want to delete any of it – because people were depending on me – but then I had to put on a mad rush to get to the dramatic conclusion – “Revelation of the Method”:

The feedback from the participants was remarkable. Most in this crowd were already aware that our government lied to us about 9/11; and several were quite familiar with the documentaries that I had already produced like 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out [10]. In fact many people came up to our table during the conference just to let us know how grateful they were that we were there—and how important it is for everyone to get this information. It made me rethink the enormity of the challenges that we are facing—with these increasingly brazen, deadly, and evil, world-changing events.

Please let us know where you think we should speak next! Often it is our supporters like you who have the best ideas of who to talk to and how to get our message out there! You can also join us on our Inner Circle Conference Call at the end of this month – stay tuned for details

The rest of the speakers were incredible. We heard ground-breaking information on geopolitical and economic conditions that we will never hear on the legacy mainstream media which is occupied by intelligence agencies. We heard the latest startling details on the bioweapons of Covid and the vaccines – experimental genetic therapy. Be sure to see all of these speakers. You can enroll in G Edward Griffin’s Red Pill University at the “Mentor” level  [11]which will get you access to all the presentations, and much more!

This is a lofty group of speakers to be associated with. We made many friends among them.

I decided to commit to refining and expanding my full “9/11 & Covid Parallels” speech by recording the 2-hour slide presentation in my webinar format, very soon. Please stand by for this one! This is your opportunity to find out why I’ve become such a “conspiracy theorist”, but be careful – this rabbit hole is even deeper.

It is time to wake up additional souls to what’s really going on here on this planet – beginning, but not ending with 9/11. Help us get the word out big time with additional speaking engagements that Gail and I are quite willing to do – all around the country – but only with your help:

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I have the opportunity to reach thousands of people with most of my radio interviews, speaking engagements, and podcasts. These get shared around quite a bit because people see a lot of value in the technical clarity and emotion in my various forms of presenting the WTC evidence. So we need to keep getting me out there! This is an epic battle for humanity. Let’s stay in the fight!