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What is the New 9/11 Truth Booth?! See how Six 9/11 Truth Project Activists Use it to Reach Out!

My Unleashed Guests: Matt VanSlyke, Bill Jacoby, Xiola Moon, Trina Maria, Chuck Fall, Mike Atkinson

What is the 9/11 Truth Action Project?  How did it get started?

Why did the Truth Action Project develop a 9/11 Truth Booth?

And what is that anyway? How and where is it being deployed? And with what results?

Can anyone do a 9/11 Truth Booth? Is it a lot of work?

How many are there out there in operation? Is it an effective public outreach vehicle?

Is 9/11 Truth outreach still relevant today? Why or why not?

Join us for this fascinating discussion with 9/11 activists who believe that the world can still be turned around with the TRUTH ABOUT 9/11!

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