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Whistleblower Richard Grove: Creator of “Autonomy”

My Guest, a 9/11 historian, unleashes individuals from The Machine and changes lives!

Richard Grove worked in the Twin Towers and is lucky to be alive.  He survived 9/11 by a stroke of luck. He was supposed to be in a meeting at Marsh McClennan (the world’s leading professional services firm in risk, strategy and people), in the Twin Towers but fate had other plans for him. He did not meet the tragic end that so many of his fellow workers did.

He went on to seek solutions to the massive problems highlighted by the 9/11 False Flag operation. He developed the website TragedyandHope.com, inspired by the work of the same name by Carol Quiggly.  

Tragedy and Hope provides a portal through which individuals can discover, identify, and integrate useful tools, resources, and activities which stimulate and fortify Cognitive Liberty, providing primary sources, research, and educational methods which facilitate consciousness.

Graduates of Autonomy Gather in Hartford, CT at Red Pill Expo to hear Richard Grove address these wide-awake conferees.

Out of Tragedy and Hope was born his own university – Autonomy – a course of action for individuals who wish to ignite their potential in ways that universities and corporate culture seek to extinguish

“You’re Making a Lot of Bricks… But What Are You Building With Your Life?

Do You Seek More Meaning, Substance, and Competence In Your Life?

Richard Grove wants to help us all to discover the Essential Tools of Self-Reliance and Economic Prosperity.

AUTONOMY shows us how to consistently call upon a single method to decipher and resolve the problems, challenges, and conflicts which arise from daily life.


What if it were still possible to go from where you are today, to any point on the road to success that you wish to be on?

For anyone looking to challenge themselves to break through to their next level, AUTONOMY is a course of action that empowers individuals to overcome substantial challenges and gain meaningful results.

Unfortunately, what most people are seeking is not provided by the current system of schooling, university, and employment.

But, unlike traditional universities, AUTONOMY has a success assurance team and multiple layers of structure to ensure that you can actually leverage what you learn and catalyze your potential in life.